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About Strongside Technologies

Strongside Technologies specializes in the development of high quality analytical tools to help organizations of all sizes tackle their toughest problems and achieve operational excellence. Principal consultant, Bailey Kluczny, has over 13 years experience providing consulting support to clients across multiple industries. See for more information their services. Strongside is based out of Lake Country, British Columbia, Canada.

Website Requirements

Strongside needed a website for it's business startup that would work for al devices. They also wanted a Support ticketing system for their clients to have support after they receive their product. 

Our Solution 

For this project we used the Drupal Content Management System. One of the reasons we decided to choose Drupal was because we need multilevel user account and permissions. We need this since there are 3 levels of access contributing content.

  1. Admin (xvert)
  2. Manager (Strongside)
  3. Strongside client

The clients submit their support ticket and Strongside is immediately notified. Strongside can communicate back and forth sharing different multimedia. There are 4 states of a support ticket.

  1. New
  2. Active
  3. Pending 
  4. Closed