The Process

This is the process that is taken when building or re-building a new website.


Tools: Email, Zoom, Google Drive

First, we collect data on your business and its online needs. From there we make a list of the functionality needed to achieve your online goals. Then we build the information architecture considering all the content that will be on the website.


Tools: Photoshop

First I create a wireframe from the information architecture for the website. Here we focus on what content will go where. Once the wireframe is approved we move on to the website's design concept. This is where we fine-tune how the website will look. Colours, fonts, shapes, and sizes are all considered here.

Database Configuration

Tools: Google Chrome, MySQL

This is where we configure the database to work to the needs of the information architecture and desired functionality. 

Theme Building

Tools: Coda, FireFox, CSS, HTML, PHP, Twig, JavaScript

The theme is the user interface. This is where the user interacts with the website. This includes customers, your staff, and me the developer. The website concept is used and integrate it with the file system that is configured by the database.

Debugging and Training

Tools: Zoom, Email, Google Drive, Phone

Here is where we go over how to operate and manage your website. Some clients want nothing to do with this step and would rather pay to have the website's content managed by us and that is ok.

For those who do want to operate their website, this is where we go over all the functionality to make sure it works in the way you need it to.

Website Maintenance and Upgrades

Tools: Email, Your website

To keep your website secure there are updates to be done. They don't take long and they typically are done every couple of months or so. How often they need to be done depends on the size and complexity of your website.

As the world turns and change happens there will be a need for additional functionality and theme changes. Your website can be scaled to take on any needs your business will need.